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Mayor Ward











Spring has sprung in Denton!

The time for yard work and gardening is now in full swing and I would like to remind our citizens of our current yard waste collection policy.


Yard Waste Collection

Limbs & Brush: Pick up for normal yard waste only. Limbs are limited to 3 inches in diameter and 4 foot in length or less. All brush must be laid out parallel to the road and cut end to cut end. Major tree cutting is the property owner’s responsibility to get rid of debris. Private companies or individuals doing the work are responsible for removal.

Grass Clippings: Clippings must be placed in plastic garbage bags and placed at curbside and separated from other yard waste, household trash or other items. Clippings or bagged clippings are not to be placed into trash carts.

Limits of Pickup: The Town of Denton will not be responsible for items which cannot be readily loaded by two laborers, and each residence shall be limited to a maximum of four cubic yards of yard waste per pickup. It is the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of amounts exceeding these limits.


When yard waste is at the curb and ready for pickup, please call Town Hall 336-859-4231 to notify the staff of your need for a pickup.

Also, please remember not to leave grass clippings on our roads and sidewalks. The clippings can become a hazard to pedestrians and motorist and will clog our storm drains.

I appreciate your help in keeping Denton a neat and beautiful place to “Live & Grow”!  Till next time, God bless and have a great month!

Mayor Larry Ward

Spring Gardening

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