Message From the Mayor

Welcome to the first monthly edition of Message From the Mayor—a new forum that will help me, as Mayor, to keep you informed on issues of interest to the community.

Spring is nearly upon upon us, and with it I would like to tell you about some exciting changes taking place around the town of Denton.

Spring Cleaning

As warmer weather approaches, the Denton Public Works Department is busy sprucing up the town. While many of their duties may go unnoticed, you will see them repairing streets and sidewalks, painting curbs, and cleaning up the cemetery. As they work day after day to keep our infrastructure in good working order, please feel free to show your gratitude by throwing up you hand the next time you see them out and about.

Harrison Park

Harrison Park, often referred to as the jewel of Denton, will undergo some important improvements in the weeks ahead. The wooden railings at the Pavilion will be replaced by wrought iron railing, which is much more resilient than wood, and will look great for many years to come.

A beautification project will begin on March 23, when the Friends of Denton will trim the park shrubbery, and plant some new shrubs where needed. We appreciate their efforts, as they help keep the park looking great.

For those who might not know, the Denton Parks and Recreation Department successfully pursued a state grant last year for new playground equipment. The state and the town each contributed 50% to the purchase and installation of the equipment, which was installed last summer. The new playground equipment is just one more reason to bring the whole family out to enjoy the park.

The Denton Parks and Recreation Department is pursuing a grant for the construction of restrooms at Harrison Park. Area restrooms are something that many in the community have requested for the park, and I am confident we will obtain the needed approval to make it happen.

Harrison is one of the nicest parks I have seen anywhere. We are fortunate to have such a picturesque place to enjoy with friends and family, and I am committed to keeping it in top shape for all to enjoy.

Bombay Park

“Bombay” Park also has some exciting new features for you to enjoy this summer.

Davidson County has installed a very nice splash pad and new playground equipment for kids to enjoy. For older kids and adults, there are new basketball goals with a concrete pad, and a new grill at the shelter. The tennis courts were resurfaced a couple of years ago and are just waiting for you to show your backhand.

The Lions Club provided new picnic tables last August, so pack a lunch and bring the family for some fun in the sun.

But, wait. There’s more!

The restrooms have been painted and updated with new fixtures, and a new epoxy floor has been added.

The County also added a new volleyball court, and the baseball field has never looked better.

Civic Center

The Denton Civic Center is an important meeting place for our community. However, the building was in need of some repairs. We are in the process of adding a new drop ceiling, fixing a few leaks, and installing some much-needed lighting. We hope to complete all of the work by summer, but much of the schedule is determined by the contractors.

If you haven’t visited the Civic Center, I invite you to make it the meeting place for your next group meeting. I you have visited the center before, I’m sure you will enjoy the fresh new look.


That about sums it up for this month. I’m excited about all the improvements taking place in Denton, and I trust they will bring enjoyment to you, your friends, and your family this summer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you any way I can.

Mayor Larry Ward

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