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Denton North Carolina

Former and merged names include:
 Finch Roads
 Finch's Crossroads

Sycamore ~ sycamore was because of a large grove of sycamore trees.Then they called that place finches cross roads.
In 1882 two young men J M Daniel and BI Harrison decided that the immediate vicinity of the cross roads would be a good location for a general store . According to land purchase from Roby Morris , Daniel and Harrison erected a store building approximately 18 x 40 feet a building which long stood on the northeast boundary of where the Hill Motor Co. did stand and now the Classic Restaurant . The building stocked with groceries, dry goods and hardware. A larger stock than could not be found at any other store in southern Davidson County with the exception of Jackson Hill, and proceeded to do what was locally considered a profitable business. In to the building the Post Office was moved and May 23, 1883 . BI Harrison became the towns third postmaster. During his second year in office mail service was daily, where prior to that it was brought down from Thomasville, NC.
The founding of Denton NC may be dated from the time the place acquired a post office, began to be called Denton NC and ceased to be Finch's Cross Road. The General Assembly passed a bill incorporating the town of Denton NC March 11 , 1907 . Town had its first mayor in 1907 J.E. Varner with B.I. Harrison , Arthur E. Davis , J.M. Daniel , L.A. Newsom and Jesse C. Morris as town commissioners. Abel Anderson was the town physician and John F. Carroll as the chief of police . In 1905 the Glenn Anna was the start of the railroad from Thomasville to Denton . This was what would start later the H.P.T.D . The rail road was to bring growth to the town of Denton NC . In 1910 the local citizens of Denton NC started the first bank . Denton NC began to flourish and with the railroad making its way through out the country side. Denton NC became the cross tide capital of the country. This gave jobs to many Denton NC residence through out the years to come . But one important note about our town ,our founding fathers . We would like to remember as we celebrate our centennial is J. M. Daniel and B. I. Harrison without these men we might not be Denton NC .This information furnished by Davidson Record and Dispatch articles in 1957 and wrote by: Barbara Hogan 2006

Mayors of the Town of Denton NC: JO Freeman-1907 Appointed. EA Moffitt April 11,1908 ~ EH Cranford Feb.6,1911 ~ J.O. Garner May 15,1911 ~ WW Russell July 19,1913 [elected & resigned] ~ LA Smith July 19,1913 ~ CH Surratt May 11,1916 ~ WJ Frank Oct.7, 1918 ~ TW Ingram May 3,1920 ~ WW Russell May 1,1922 [resigned] ~ LA Newsom July 6,1922 [elected to fill Russell term] ~ AL Snider June 4,1923 ~ WA Johnson May 12,1924 ~ EE Hardy June 7,1926 ~ Baxter Carter May 2,1928 ~ Howell Harrison May 7,1934 ~ C Bisher May 2,1938 ~ CL Kearns May 6,1946 ~ Max Hill May 9,1950 ~ Robert Johnson May 7, 1952 ~ Max Hill May 6,1954 ~ Wesley Morris May 9,1956 ~ Joe Taylor May 7,1962 ~ Jerry Carlton May 20,1968 ~ Donald Morris Dec. 28,1971 ~ Rex Clover Dec.1, 1975 ~ C. Ray Kirkman Dec. 7, 1987 ~ Scott Morris Dec.1, 2003
In 1926, an electric power line was built to Denton NC.
In 1939, Denton water supply tank of 100,000 gallons constructed and supplied by two eight-inch diameter deep wells
1964 Crowder Construction Company builds its first water treatment plant for Denton.
Mountain Vista Health Park since 1980

Railroad came to Denton NC in 1906. The High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad Co. operates from High Point through Thomasville and Denton NC to a junction with the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway at High Rock. The company, founded in 1923, is owned by the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway, which is jointly owned by CSX and Norfolk Southern. Commodities carried by the railroad are forest products, paper products, chemicals, brick, coal, cement, and furniture. Principal shippers are: Thomasville Forest Products of Shale Brick a division of Lowes Inc.; Carolina Container Corp. of High Point manufacturer of pulpboard; and Georgia Pacific of Denton chemical manufacturer. The HPT&D connects with Norfolk Southern as well as the Winston-Salem Southbound. Miles of track: 34 - Employees: shared with WS-Southbound Carloads: 3,900 per year 332,000 tons - Industries served: 20 - Equipment: CSX & NS leased locomotives.

The first trail through the land where Denton NC now stands was almost certainly an Indian trail. There was once an Indian mound, containing numerous relics, located near where the Lowesfood Store now stands.






Town of Denton