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Welcome to the Town of Denton Services page .
Police Dept. offering home visits 
Denton Police Chief Mark Hicks has announced that his department will now be 
offering weekly home visits and phone calls to check on the well being of 
area residents. 
Officers will be compiling a list of residents that have requested home 
visits or phone calls. While shut-ins and the elderly are the most obvious 
candidates for such visits, the service is not limited to such. Anyone 
wishing to receive a visit or phone call is encouraged to call Denton Town 
Hall at 336-859-4231 to be placed on the list. 

The above article was from the Denton Orator

Home visits include any elders, anyone with a fall risk, shut-ins, and anyone with any other disability that may need an extra watchful eye. This is to help our citizens of the Town of Denton who live alone but need a little assistance from time to time, or to help with the load of balancing the care of a relative and everyday life.

Division of Motor Vehicle Mobile Unit Schedule

Please note that prior to visiting any part-time office or mobile site, please contact 919-861-3364 to determine availability of services.



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