Board of Commissioners



The Denton Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members and the Town Mayor. Members are elected to serve for 4 year staggered terms. The Mayor is the chief elected official of the Town, and presides at all meetings of the Council. The Mayor is not allowed to make motions or cast a vote, with the exception of a tie concerning matters before the Council.

The Board of Commissioners can be contacted by their constituents through Town Hall: 336-859-4231 or by their contact information below. The Mayor's office is located at Town Hall, 201 W. Salisbury Street. Please call Town Hall if you need to make an appointment to visit the Mayor. For more information on the Mayor, visit the Mayor's Office page.

The Board of Commissioners invites all citizens to attend public Board meetings. Each meeting provides for public comment, at which time you can voice your concerns regarding Town business before the Board, or you can raise other issues that concern you about our community.

*email addresses have spaces to avoid the Commissioner being spamed. When sending an email, remove the space before and after the @ symbol.

Name Phone Number Email Address
Mayor Larry Ward 336-859-8003 Lward2004 @
Mayor Pro Tem Deanna Grubb 336-859-3968 jgrubb @
Commissioner Hayden Hicks  
Commissioner Barbara Hogan  
Commissioner Scott Morris 336-250-3039 scottmorris @ uwharrierealestate
Commissioner Anne Carter Bean 336-250-8924 annecarterbean @

Rules of Procedure for the Board of Commissioners



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