An Ordinance Banning Commercial Truck Traffic on Haywood Street and Salisbury Street


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     WHEREAS, The Board of Commissioner of the Town of Denton find that Haywood Street and Salisbury Street in the Town of Denton services a residential area and is not engineered to safely carry large commercial trucks; and

        WHEREAS, The Board further finds that the use of Haywood Street and Salisbury Street by commercial trucks in the recent past has created a nuisance for residents of the area and has endangered persons traveling along this street; and

       WHEREAS, the Board further finds that Haywood Street and Salisbury Street provides no convenient access for commercial truck traffic moving through the Town of Denton or servicing any commercial establishment;

       NOW, THEREFORE, be it enacted the Board of Commissioner at its February 19, 2001 session, that commercial trucks are hereby banned and prohibited from utilizing Haywood Street in the Town of Denton from First Street to Salisbury Street and Salisbury Street from Highway 109 intersection to the eastern dead end. The violation of this Ordinance shall be a misdemeanor punishable as are other general misdemeanors of the town.

       This Ordinance shall be effective from and after the date of passage.

On the motion of Commissioner Jim Dobbins, the foregoing Ordinance was enacted by a vote of 4-0. 

This 19th day of February, 2001.





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