Waste Pro Collection Schedule

Report Issues With Trash/Recycling

At anytime, you can contact Town Hall to report a problem with your trash/recycling.  

You now have the ability to report any issues directly to Waste Pro through the following links: 

Complaints:   https://www.tracezonline.com/NewIncident.aspx?it=1&di=170&ci=48

Compliments:      https://www.tracezonline.com/NewIncident.aspx?it=3&di=170&ci=48

Requests:   https://www.tracezonline.com/NewIncident.aspx?it=2&di=170&ci=48

A printed copy is available at Town Hall or by clicking on this link.

2021 Waste Pro Calendar

Denton Map


Denton Town Hall                 Click for Large Map
201 W. Salisbury Sreet, Denton, NC 27239
Phone:  336-859-4231