Chapter II: Police




SECTION 1. ORGANIZATION. The police department of the Town shall consist of a chief and as many policemen as the Board of Commissioners shall from time to time determine and elect and as many special policemen as the Mayor and Board may deem necessary to appoint for special purposes.

SECTION 2. BOARD TO HAVE CONTROL. The Board of Commissioners shall have general supervision over the police department. The Board may suspend for cause, any member of the police department until the next regular meeting at which time final disposition shall be made.

SECTION 3. UNIFORMS. All police officers shall wear uniforms as shall be prescribed by the Town and shall keep such uniforms in a neat and clean condition, and shall surrender all uniforms and equipment upon leaving the police service of the Town if such uniforms and equipment were furnished by the Town.

SECTION 4. DUTIES OF THE POLICE. The police department shall carry out all orders of the Board, enforce all laws and ordinances of the Town and the State of North Carolina, and shall at all times preserve the peace, protect the property and the safety of the citizens of Denton.

SECTION 5. CHIEF OF POLICE. The Chief shall have control over the police department under the supervision of the Board of Commissioners. The Chief shall keep the Board informed of the department’s activities and make such reports that the Board may from time to time require, and he shall perform such other duties as may be required of him by the Board.

SECTION 6. MAYOR EMPOWERED TO APPOINT SPECIAL POLICEMEN. That the Mayor is authorized and empowered to appoint a special policeman for a term not longer than one day whenever in his judgment the same maybe necessary for the good order and government of the Town, and whenever so appointed, and after taking the proper oath of office, said policeman shall have all power and authority of regular Town constables.

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