Chapter III: Subchapter A - Fire Hazards



SECTION 1. BURNING TRASH WITHIN FIRE LIMITS PROHIBITED. No person shall burn or cause to be burned any trash, refuse, shavings, paper, leaves, litter or other materials of any kind outside of any house, on or in any street, sidewalk, alley, lot or yard within the fire limits of the Town.

SECTION 2. BURNING OF TRASH OUTSIDE FIRE LIMITS. Trash or rubbish shall not be burned on any private lot outside the fire limits except within a safely constructed enclosure made of wire mesh or in a similar safety device.

SECTION 3. PERMIT REQUIRED FOR BONFIRE. No person shall kindle or maintain any bonfire, or shall knowingly furnish the material for any such fire, or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained on or in any street, avenue, road or lane or public ground or upon any private lot within the limits of the Town unless a written permit so to do shall have first been secured from the Chief of the fire department. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the burning of trash and rubbish on private lots of residents without a permit when such burning is done within conformity with the provisions of Section 2 of the Article.

SECTION 4. ENCUMBRANCES BEFORE OR ON FIRE EXIT. No person shall at any time, place any encumbrances of any kind whatsoever before or upon any fire escape, balcony or ladder intended as a means of escape from fire. It shall be the duty of every member of the police and fire department who shall discover any fire escape encumbered in any manner to forthwith report the same through his department channels of the Chief of the fire department, who shall immediately notify the owner or owners, their agent or agents, tenant or tenants, to remove such encumbrance and encumbrance shall thereupon be immediately removed.

SECTION 5. EXIT SIGNS IN THEATRES AND MOTION PICTURE HOUSES. Every exit in any theatre or motion picture house shall be plainly indicated by a sign bearing the word “Exit,” which sign shall be kept lighted throughout each performance.

SECTION 6. PASSAGEWAYS IN PLACES OF PUBLIC ASSEMBLANCE TO BE KEPT OPEN, EXIT DOORS NOT TO BE FASTENED. All doors, aisles and passageways within and leading into or out of the theatres, church and all other places of public assemblage, shall, during the entire time which any show, performance, service, exhibition, lecture, concert, ball or other assemblage may be held therein, be kept adequately lighted and free from easels, signs, standards, camp stools, chairs, sofas, benches and any other article or articles that might obstruct or delay the exit of the audience, congregation or assemblage; and doors of such buildings while occupied shall not be fastened so that they cannot easily be opened by anyone from within. No person shall sit or stand or remain seated or standing, nor shall the owner or operator of such place allow any person to remain, in any such place of public assemblage in any aisle under any circumstances, or in any exit, or passageway required for the safe exit of the assemblage. Clear passage from all exits and on outside sidewalks of all theatres and other places of public assemblage shall be maintained at all times. No aisle, passageway or stairway in any store shall be obstructed with tables, show cases or other obstructions during the hours such store is open to the public.

SECTION 7. LOTS KEPT FREE FROM FIRE HAZARD. It shall be unlawful for any person to permit or suffer rubbish, refuse, or articles of combustible or inflammable nature to accumulate or remain on any lot or premises.

SECTION 8. CERTAIN FIRES TO BE GUARDED BY WATCHMAN. All persons, firms, or corporations who shall burn any tar kiln or pit of charcoal, or set fire to burn any brush, grass, or other material, whereby any property may be endangered or destroyed, shall keep and maintain a careful and competent watchman in charge of such kiln, pit, brush, or other material while burning shall be prima facie evidence of neglect of the provisions.

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