Chapter VIII: Garbage and Refuse Collection



SECTION 1. DEFINITIONS. Garbage, as the term is used in this Article, shall be held to mean and include all refuse, animal, fruit, and other vegetable matter, all tin cans, glassware and crockery in which any such matter has been put up or stored and all rags, waste paper, floor sweepings, and other combustible refuse, except building material, scraps and tree trimmings.

SECTION 2. GARBAGE REQUIRED TO BE PROMPTLY REMOVED. No garbage that has become decayed or that shall otherwise be a menace to health or cleanliness shall be allowed to remain in any dwelling house, hotel, boarding house, safe, restaurant, lunch stand, fruit stand, meat market, store or other building or any premises a longer time than shall be reasonably necessary to remove and deposit the same in a can or cans as hereinafter provided in this Article.

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SECTION 3. GARBAGE CANS. The occupant of every building, premises or place where garbage does or may exist, shall provide himself with a garbage can made of substantial galvanized iron or other non-rusting material in which he shall deposit all garbage existing at the place occupied by him. Such can shall be provided with handles or bales and with a tight fitting cover made of the same material as the can. All garbage cans shall be watertight. The aforesaid shall be of a size that can be conveniently handled by the garbage collector (not to exceed in holding capacity more than 30 gallons).* All garbage cans shall be placed in such a place that can be conveniently reached by the garbage collector. No garbage can shall be placed, kept, or left on any street, alley, or public way for any purpose whatsoever. All garbage cans shall be kept reasonably clean. Loose garbage - garbage not in a container - will not be picked up.

SECTION 4. WET GARBAGE. All wet garbage shall have the liquid drained off and shall be wrapped in paper, or other combustible material before it it placed in the garbage can, thus preventing smell and the breeding of flies in the summer and freezing and adhesion to the can in the winter.

SECTION 5. DEPOSIT OF GARBAGE IN PUBLIC PLACES AND ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. No person shall throw, place, or deposit any garbage in any street, alley, public place or private property within the city limits, except in garbage cans or garbage vehicles as provided in this Chapter.

SECTION 6. TRANSPORTATION OF GARBAGE AND SLOPS BY PRIVATE PERSONS. No person or persons shall collect, handle, haul, or transport, on any of the streets, alleys, public ways or places of the Town, any garbage without first having procured a permit therefor from the Town Clerk.

SECTION 7. HOURS FOR PLACING CANS. Garbage cans or similar containers containing garbage and trash, for removal shall be placed on the premises from which the same are to be removed at or before the time scheduled for removal.

SECTION 8. REMOVAL OF DEAD ANIMALS. Dead animals may be removed by the Town at any time.

SECTION 9. PICKUP OF LEAVES. All people wanting leaves picked up by the Town truck must put them in a place between the sidewalk and the street. No leaves will be picked up in the yard or driveway.

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