Chapter XI: General Building Regulations




SECTION 1. BUILDING INSPECTOR. Such officer or employee as the Board may appoint shall be the Building Inspector of Town of Denton, and he shall possess all the powers conferred and perform all the duties prescribed by Chapter 160 of the General Statutes, and such other statutes applicable thereto. He shall possess such further power and perform such further duties as may be prescribed by this Chapter. He shall receive the fees allowed by the statute. The said Inspector or his deputy shall have the right to enter, at all reasonable times, any building structure or premises, within the Town, for the purpose of inspecting, or in the performance of his duties. He shall make or cause to be made, such inspection of all chimneys, flues, steam and fire openings within the Town. He may, when occasion requires, appoint a deputy or deputies, to perform any part of his duties.

SECTION 2. BUILDING PERMIT REQUIRED. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to hereafter erect, construct or build, or cause or authorize the same on any lot or parcel of land within the corporate limits any building or structure of any kind or description, without and until such person, firm, or corporation first submits to the Building Inspector through the office of the Town Clerk. A duly signed and completed application for a building permit for such a building or structure, such application to be accompanied by plans and specifications for such a building or structure, the material to be used in such building or structure, the proposed location thereof, the purposes for which such building is to be used, the cost of such a building or structure, and such other information concerning the same that will enable said Building Inspector to properly pass upon the application of such person, firm, or corporation, to erect, build, or construct such a building or structure within the corporate limits and until such person, firm, or corporation obtains such a permit to erect, build, or construct such a building, or construction for such a building or structure as herein provided.

SECTION 3. BUILDING PERMIT FEES. The following fees shall be charged for all building permits:

     Up to    $500.00                               $5.00
                 $501.00 to $10,000.00          $10.00
     Above   $10,000.00                          $25.00

SECTION 4. NATIONAL BUILDING CODE ADOPTED. The “North Carolina State Building Code, “ 1958 edition, and “Uniform Residential Building Code” found therein is hereby adopted as the official Building Code of the Town of Denton, North Carolina.

SECTION 5. GASOLINE STORAGE TANK. It shall be unlawful for any person to construct or erect any storage tank for gasoline, oil, or other combustible or inflammable materials, containing or capable of containing more than three hundred gallons, unless the top of such tank or container is buried at least two feet below the surface of the ground at that point, and unless a permit for such construction or erection shall be first obtained upon application from the Town Clerk. The Clerk shall not issue such permit unless directed by the Board.



SECTION 1. INSPECTION OF DANGEROUS BUILDINGS OR STRUCTURES. Whenever the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Denton is informed that any building, or other structure, within the Town is especially dangerous in case of fire, by reason of the bad condition of walls, defective construction, decay, or other causes, or is so situated as to endanger the lives of persons passing by or residing in the vicinity thereof, they shall forthwith require the Building Inspector, together with the Mayor, to make a survey of said building, or structure, and report to them their opinion of the same.



SECTION 1. There is hereby created and established within the territory embraced within the corporate limits of the Town of Denton, North Carolina, and the Town of Denton, North Carolina, is hereby declared to be a bird sanctuary. It shall be unlawful for any person to kill, hunt, chase, injure, trap, capture or destroy, by any means whatsoever, any wild or migratory birds within the corporate limits of the Town, or to destroy, rob, or molest the eggs or nest and breeding place of any birds, provided, that the protection of this ordinance does not extend to pigeons, crows, starlings, or English sparrows or to any other birds classed as predatory by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission or by the General Statutes of North Carolina. This ordinance is adopted under the provisions of the General Statute 160-166.1.

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