Denton Police Department

The men and women of the Denton Police Department are committed to protecting the citizens of Denton. We practice community-based policing and value our partnerships with citizens and community organizations.

The Department is dedicated to providing police service at the most professional level and working with the community to keep Denton a safe place to live.

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Chief M. T. James

Chief James' passion for community service and law enforcement began at an early age.  He was a volunteer firefighter during his high school years and worked full time as a UNCC Campus Policeman, while also pursuing his degree in Criminal Justice.  

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 1981 and then entered the NC State Highway Patrol (NCSHP) Basic Training Program. Upon completion of this program, he was stationed as a Trooper in Wake County. Over the next 28 years, Mike was promoted through 5 ranks within the NCSHP from Trooper to Major. He served in 8 duty stations across the State. When he retired as a Major in 2009, he was the Director of Troop Operations for the entire State of North Carolina.

Mike served as Chief of Police in the Town of Spencer, NC for 11 years. Crime statistics show, that as Chief, Mike has a history of reducing crime in Spencer during his tenure.  

Throughout his 40+ years in law enforcement Mike has maintained an impeccable record and is a highly respected law enforcement professional across the State of North Carolina.

As Chief of Police, he looks forward to meeting with community leaders and the citizens of Denton to learn of their concerns and vision for policing in the future. He also plans to have public forums to allow for community input. Chief James believes that community policing is an important facet of a successful law enforcement organization.

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Emergency? Call 911.

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Denton, NC 27239

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The Policeman's Prayer

The Policemans Prayer

When I start my tour of duty, God
Whatever crimes may be,
As I walk the deserted streets alone,
Let me be closer to Thee.

Please give me understanding,
With both young and old,
Let me listen with attention,
Until the story is told.

Let me never make a judgment,
In a rash or callous way,
But let me hold my patience,
Let each man have his say.

Lord, if some dark and dreary night,
I must give my life,
Lord, with your everlasting love,
Protect my children and my wife.