Each of our Town ordinances and amendments is presented to you in two forms:

     1.  The ordinance or amendment web page

     2.  A downloadable PDF scan of the original document

Why two?

The Townofdenton.com website search engine, located at the right top corner of every page, can search all website pages for the keywords you enter. By having ordinances and amendments in text form on the website, they are accessible by the search engine. Say you need to know which ordinances and amendments include the term "abatement," simply typing the word into the search box and clicking the Enter key on your keyboard will reveal a list of pages where the term is included.

Downloadable PDFs originating from scans of the original documents are being provided in case you wish to see the originals. While we have made a tremendous effort to ensure that the web page translations of these documents are free of errors, we cannot guarantee 100% that we achieved that goal. Therefore, it is your responsibility to double-check any relevant text on the website ordinances and amendments pages against the original PDF scans before using the information presented for business, construction, legal, or other purposes.

Each ordinance and amendment web page includes a link to the original PDF file. The Town Ordinance is separated into individual chapters for readability, and the link to the complete document is posted below.

Town of Denton Ordinances and Amendments

Town Ordinance

Download Denton Town Ordinance Original PDF containing all of the following chapters.

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