Subdivision Regulations


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    The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate and control the subdivision of land within the corporate limits and the one-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction of the Town of Denton in order to promote public health, safety and general welfare of the community. The ordinance is designed to accomplish the following specific objectives: 

       a) lessen congestion in the streets and highways;

b) further the orderly layout and use of land;

c) insure proper legal description and proper monumenting of subdivided land;

d) secure safety from fire, panic, and other dangers;

e) provide adequate light and air;

f) prevent the overcrowding of land and avoid undue concentration of population;

g) facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewage, schools, parks, playgrounds, and other public requirements.

    These regulations shall govern each and every subdivision of land within the corporate and extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction limits of Denton, North Carolina, as now or hereafter established.

    The Town of Denton hereby exercises its authority to make and issue subdivision regulations under provisions pursuant to Section 160-371 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

    A "subdivision" shall include all divisions of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, building sites, or other division for the purpose, whether immediate or future; of sale or building development, and shall include all divisions of land involving the dedication of a new street or a change in existing streets; provided, however, that the following shall not be included within the definition nor be subject to the regulations prescribed by this ordinance:

    a) The combination or recombination of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the town as shown by the regulations prescribed by this ordinance.

    b) The division of land into parcels greater that ten (10) acres where no street right-of-way dedication is involved.

    c) The public acquisition by purchase of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets.

    d) The division of a tract in single ownership whose entire area is no greater than two (2) acres into not more than three (3) lots, where no street right-of-way dedication is involved, and where the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the town, as shown by the subdivision regulations contained in this ordinance (G.S.160A-376.).

    No plat of subdivision within the jurisdiction of the Town of Denton shall be accepted for record by the Davidson County Register of Deeds until final approval has been given by the Town Board of Commissioners. To obtain final plat approval, the subdivider shall follow these steps:

    A. Sketch Design Plan
        Previous to the filing of an application for approval of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall submit to the Planning Board a sketch design plan of the proposed subdivision. At this meeting, the subdivider should discuss  his thoughts and ideas pertaining to the new subdivision and also become familiar with the regulations affecting the land to be subdivided. Included with the sketch design plan shall be a sketch vicinity plan which shows the subdivision in relation to the surrounding area. This procedure does not require a formal application or fee. (Refer to Section XII, A).

   B. Preliminary Plat 
       The procedure for obtaining a preliminary plat approval is as follows:

       1. The subdivider shall submit to the Planning Board at least fifteen (15) days prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Board Meeting the following:

           a) At least four (4) black or blueline prints and one reproducible copy of the proposed subdivision prepared in accordance with the requirements of this ordinance. Additional prints shall be provided when deemed necessary by the Town Planning Board. 

           b) Two (2) signed statements describing the proposed use of the land and a draft of any protective covenants to be applied to the subdivision.

           c) Any additional information, such as a contour map, if required by the Planning Board.

       2. At the time of submission of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall pay to the clerk of the Town of Denton a service fee of five dollars ($5.00) per lot. This service fee is used to defray the cost of the town of processing the preliminary and final plats.

       3. The Planning Board shall keep copies of the submitted plat on file and request the developer provide a report from any person or agency directly concerned with the proposed development such as the District Highway Engineer, County Health Department and the County Superintendent of Schools. Such reports shall indicate compliance with or note deviations from the requirements of this ordinance, and include comments on other factors, which bear upon the public interest.

       4. The developer and his engineer are expected to attend the Planning Board meeting to discuss any points which may arise in connection with the submitted preliminary plat.

       5. The Planning Board Chairman shall present the Board's recommendations to the developer, after discussion of the proposed plat during the course of the meeting. In addition, these recommendations shall reflect the views of the concerned agencies, and may deal with design changes, improvements or any other situation needing corrections.

       6. The Planning Board shall present the preliminary plat and all supporting material along with its recommendations, to the Denton Town Board of Commissioners, who shall approve, approve conditionally, or disapprove the preliminary plat.

           a) Approval of the preliminary plat is authority for the subdivider to proceed with the preparation for the final plat.

           b) If approved conditionally, the conditions and reasons thereof shall be stated and if necessary, the Board of Commissioners shall require the subdivider to submit a revised plat.

           c) If the Board of Commissioners should disapprove the preliminary plat, the reasons for such action shall be stated and recommendation made on the basis of which the proposed subdivision could be approved.

       7. Failure on the part of either the Planning Board or the Board of Commissioners to act within forty-five (45) days after the preliminary plat is submitted to each respective body shall be deemed as approval by such body.

  C. Submission of a Final Plat
      All improvements must be installed or a performance bond posted in accordance with these regulations posted prior to approval of the final plat. No streets shall be accepted and maintained by the town, nor shall any street lightning, water, or sewer be extended to or connected with any subdivision of land as defined herein, nor shall any permit be issued for the construction of any building or other improvement which requires a permit, unless and until the final plat for the land has been approved by the Board of Commissioners. The procedure for obtaining final plat is as follows:

     1. The subdivider shall submit to the Planning Board at least three (3) black or blueline prints of the final plat and an original tracing in accordance with Article XIII of this ordinance, within twelve (12) months after the Board's approval of the preliminary plats; otherwise such prior approval of the preliminary plat shall become null and void.

        a) In the event that the subdivider allows the previously approved preliminary plat to expire, he shall be required to resubmit the preliminary plat to the Planning Board for reapproval in accordance with the procedure stated in  Article V, Section B of this ordinance.

    2. The subdivider shall submit to the Secretary of the Planning Board within one (1) year of the date of preliminary plat approval and at least fifteen (15) days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting at least three (3) black or blue line prints of the final plat and an original tracing. On application for final plat approval, the subdivider shall pay a review fee of five dollars ($5.00) to the Denton Town Clerk.

    3. Before acting on the final plat, the Planning Board may request reports from any person or agency directly affected by the proposed development. Such reports shall certify compliance with or note deviations from the approved preliminary plat and the requirements of this ordinance. The final plat shall be checked to see that it complies with the approved preliminary plat.

    4. The Planning Board may appoint an engineer to check the final plat against the subdivision's actual layout for correctness, charging the costs to the subdivider.

    5. If the Planning Board disapproves the final plat, the reasons for such actions shall be stated in writing and reference shall be made to the specific section of the ordinance with which the plat does not comply.

    6. If the Planning Board fails to act on the final plat within sixty (60) days after its submission, the subdivider may seek final approval of the plat at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Town Board of Commissioners.

    7. Upon approval of the final plat, the Planning Board shall stamp the plat approved, the Planning Board shall then submit, with recommendations, three (3) copies of said plat, and the original to the Board of Commissioners.

    8. The Board of Commissioners shall approve or disapprove the final plat within sixty (60) days after submission by the Planning Boards. Action of the Board of Commissioners shall be noted on the original tracing and on the three (3) prints of the final plat. One print and the linen or mylar tracing of the plat shall be returned to the subdivider, one print shall be filed with the Town Clerk, and one print shall be returned to the Planning Board and shall become a permanent record of the Planning Board. The approved final plat must be recorded by the subdivider with the Register of Deeds of Davidson County, and, in carrying out this responsibility, shall comply with G.S.160A-376 of the General Statutes of North Carolina.


     A. General Policy Requirements

       1. Land subject to flooding and land deemed by the Planning Board to be uninhabitable for other reasons shall not be platted for residential occupancy, or for such uses as may increase danger to health, life, property, or aggravate the flood hazard. Such land within a proposed subdivision shall be set aside for such uses as will not be endangered by periodic or occasional inundation, or will not produce unsatisfactory living conditions.

          a) The precise boundaries of the flood plain areas of the town are to be determined by a detailed drainage study. The Denton Planning Board shall estimate the boundaries of these flood plain areas.

          b) Past records of flood levels shall be used to determine sufficient area from streambeds to provide adequate protection from most severe flood of record.

      2. Where land is subdivided into larger parcels than ordinary building lots, such parcels shall be arranged so as to permit the opening of future streets and future subdivision.

      3. A residential subdivision shall not be sited on or adjacent to a major highway, unless such subdivision is so planned that lots contained thereon are served by a marginal access street, or are fronted with house-backs to the highway.

     4. Where a proposed subdivision contains or is adjacent to a railroad right-of-way, it shall be planned so as to avoid having residential lots front on a street which runs parallel and adjacent to the railroad right-of-ways.

     5. All telephone lines and power lines shall be located underground or at the rear property line of all subdivisions. The concerned telephone and utility companies shall be provided with copies of preliminary plat by the subdivider and be expected to work with the developer in designing the utilities plan for the subdivision. Representatives from the utility companies and the developer shall agree as to the width of the easements needed to service lines which are located on the rear property line of the lot proposed to be developed, but in no case may the easement requirement be greater that 15 feet unless the developer is in agreement with the greater width.  Provisions for street lighting shall also be incorporated in the subdivider's utility plans. The Town of Denton does not obligate itself in assuming any costs incurred in developing underground utilities but require developers, nevertheless, to investigate the many advantages of placing utilities underground.

     6. Subdivisions showing resource strips controlling access to public ways will not be approved except when the control disposition of land comprising such strips is placed within the jurisdiction of the Town of Denton.

     7. If the entire area shown on an approved preliminary plat is not to be recorded at the same time as one unit, but instead, sections or units of the entire subdivision are to be recorded at subsequent time intervals, then the unit boundaries shall be so designated as to permit each unit recorded to function independently of the unit to follow it in the proposed recording schedule of the subdivider. Temporary turnarounds shall be constructed by the developer, as required by the town at the ends of the streets which are currently dead-end but are planned as through streets when the adjacent unit is ultimately recorded.

  B. Streets

          a) In any new subdivision the street layout shall conform to the arrangement, width and location indicated by any official plans or maps of Denton, North Carolina. In area for which such plans have not been completed, the streets, topography, natural features such as streams and tree growth, public convenience and safety and to the proposed use of land to be served by such streets shall meet NC D.O.T. standards.

          b) The arrangement of streets in new subdivisions shall make provision for the continuation of the principal existing streets in adjoining subdivisions or, when adjoining property is not subdivided, their proper projection insofar as they may be necessary for vehicular circulation in the future. In general, such streets shall be at least as wide as the existing streets, except that in no case shall the width be less than the minimum specified in Article BI, B2 of this ordinance (below).

          c) Proposed streets shall be adjacent to the contour of the land so as to produce usable lots and streets of reasonable gradient.

          d) In general, streets designed to have one end permanently closed shall be avoided unless it is clear that a through street in not essential to the circulation system of the area. Permanent dead-end streets or cul-de-sacs shall be no longer than four hundred (400) feet in length unless a longer length be approved by the Planning Board. A turn-around shall be provided at the closed end with an outside roadway diameter of at least eighty (80) feet and a property line of at least one hundred (100) feet.

          e) The dedication of half streets at the perimeter of a new subdivision is prohibited unless circumstances render this impracticable, in which case adequate provision for the concurrent dedication of the remaining half of the street will be furnished by the suddivider. Where there exists a half street in an adjoining subdivision, the remaining half shall be provided by the proposed development.

          f)  Alleys shall be required in all blocks along the rear line of business property. Alleys may be required in multiple family residential or industrial blocks if, in the opinion of the Planning Board, alleys are needed to service these areas. All dead-end alleys shall be provided with a turnaround.

          g) No alley shall have access to a major street. Access points must be confined to minor, lightly traveled streets.

          h) Street names: Proposed streets in alignment with other streets existing and named, shall bear the assigned name of such existing streets.

          i) Except in the case of "h" above, the names given to proposed streets in any subdivision shall not duplicate or be phonetically similar to existing street names nor shall use be made of the suffix avenue, boulevard, drive,  place, court, etc., as a means to circumvent this provision. Street names for all new subdivisions shall be subject to approval of the Town Board of Commissioners.

   2. Design Standards
       Streets shall be built in conformance with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Secondary Roads Council. All subdividers should work with the District Engineer of D.O.T. A.

      A. Lots
          All lots shall conform to area and bulk requirements set forth in the Denton Zoning Ordinance. Whenever there is a discrepancy between the minimum standards or dimensions noted herein and those contained in the  Zoning Ordinance, building codes, or other official regulations, the highest or most restrictive standards shall apply.

         1. General Standards
            a) Lot sizes, shapes, and locations shall be made with due regard to topographic conditions, contemplated use and the surrounding area.

            b) Corrner lots for residential use shall have an extra width of ten (10) feet to permit adequate building set back from side streets.

            c) Double frontage and reverse frontage lots shall be avoided except where necessary to separate residential development from through traffic on non-residential uses.

            d) Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street line.

      B. Easements
          Easements centered on rear or side lot lines shall be provided for utilities where necessary and shall be at least twelve (12) feet in width

          1. Where a subdivision is traversed by a water course, drainage way, channel or stream there shall be provided a storm water easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially with the lines of such water course, adequate in size for such purposes. Parallel streets or frontage roads may be required in connection therein.

          2. Lakes, ponds, creeks, flood plains, and similar areas will be accepted for maintenance by the town only if sufficient land is dedicated as a public recreation area or park or if such area constitutes a necessary part of a drainage control system. Such areas must be approved by the Town Board before approval of the final plat.

    C. Buffer Strips
        It is recommended that in residential districts a buffer of at least fifty (50) feet in depth, in addtion to the normal lot depth required, be provided adjacent to all railroads, limited access highways, and commercial developments. This strip shall be part of the platted lots, but shall have the following restriction lettered on the face of the plat: "This strip reserved for the planting of trees or shrubs by the owner; the building of structures hereon is prohibited."

      A prepared and recorded subdivision plat means little to a prospective lot buyer until he can see actual physical transformation of a raw acreage into lots suitable for building purposes and human habitation. Improvements by the subdivider spare the community a potential tax liability. The following tangible improvements or provisions for their estimated costs by a performance or surety bond are required before plat approval in order to assure the physical reality of a subdivision which approval and recordation will establish legally.

      A. General Improvement Requirements
           All proposed subdivisions located within the territorial jurisdiction of the Town of Denton shall comply with the following improvement requirements:

          1. Permanent Concrete Monuments
              Permanent concrete monuments four (4) inches in diameter or square, three (3) feet long, shall be placed at not less than two (2) corners of the subdivision, provided that additional monuments shall be place where  necessary so that no point within the subdivision lies more than 500 feet from a monument. Tow or more of the required monuments shall be designed as control corners. The top of each monument shall have an  indented cross, metal pin, or metal plate to identify properly the location of the point. All monuments shall be shown on the final plat.

          2. Streets
              All streets shall meet NC Department of Transportation standards. All subdividers should work with the NC D.O.T. District Engineer.

          3. Surface Water Drainage
            a) No surface water drainage shall empty into a sanitary sewer.

            b) Where, in the opinion of the Planning Board or the Town Board of Commissioners, a public storm water sewer is reasonably accessible, before subdivision is approved and accepted, the subdivider shall connect with the public storm water sewer system. He shall provide all grading and all structure necessary to carry the water to the storm drainage system. Drainage and construction of drainage structures shall conform to town specifications and standards. Where a storm drainage system in not accessible, before a subdivision is approved and accepted by the Town of Denton, the subdivider shall do all grading and provide all drainage structures necessary to properly carry the water to locations which are acceptable to the Town of Denton.

        4. Sidewalks
            Sidewalks are considered necessary on major thoroughfares and where considerable pedestrian traffic is expected. Sidewalks will be constructed on the street right-of-way and installed in accordance with town policy as  required by the Town Board of Commissioners. Sidewalks shall be constructed on all streets located within a one-mile radius of all schools provided that these streets either lead directly to the school site or are likely to be used by children walking to school.

        5. Street Signs
            Street name signs on posts, which meet town specifications and standards, shall be placed at all street intersections and at any other point within the subdivision as deemed necessary by the town.

        6. Street Trees
           Although not required by these regulations, the planting of street trees is considered a service to be expected by the subdivider, as well as good business practice. Street trees are a protection against excessive heat and glare and enhance the attractiveness and value of property. Trees shall be planted inside the property lines where they are less subject to injury and where they will not increase the chance of motor accidents.

       7. Fences
           Fences shall be constructed of standard wire mesh or wood material. None should exceed four (4) feet in height nor distract from the surrounding neighborhood. Fences may be constructed up to the property line. See A  Article 5 Section 9.

     Additional Improvements Required
     In addition to improvement requirements stated in Section A of the Article, the following improvements shall be required:

     1. Subdivision Located Within Town Limits
         The following improvements shall be required for subdivision, which are located entirely in the corporate limits of the Town of Denton.

         a) Curbs and Gutters: 
            Curbs and gutters shall be installed on all new streets.

         b) Water Supply System:   
             All new subdivisions shall be properly connected with the municipal water system. The system employed shall be constructed in such a manner as to serve adequately for both domestic use and for fire protection on all lots shown on the subdivision plat.

        c) Sewage Disposal:
            A system of sewer mains to serve every lot within the subdivision shall be installed. Sewer connections shall comply with the regulations of the State Board of Health, and shall be constructed under the supervision and  approval of the County Health Official and the engineering authority of the municipality.

     2. Subdivision Located in the One-Mile Area
        The following improvements shall be required for subdivisions which are located outside the corporate limits but within the subdivision territorial jurisdiction of the Town of Denton.

        a) Water Supply
          i. When any part of the subdivision is located within two hundred (200) feet of an existing waterline, the subdivider shall be required to tie into the municipal system and install 6 inch water mains to serve every lot within the subdivision and fire hydrants every 400 feet, also installed by the subdivider.

          ii. When a subdivision is located more than two hundred (200) feet from an existing town waterline, the subdivider shall be required to have all private sources of water supply approved by the Davidson County Health Department.

      b) Sewage Disposal
         1. When any part of a subdivision is located within two hundred (200) feet of an existing town sewer line, the subdivider shall be required to install sewer mains to serve every lot within the subdivision.

         2. When a subdivision is located more than two hundred (200) feet from an existing town sewer line, the subdivider shall be required to, in the case of a subdivision containing less than fifty (50) lots, have county approved  percolation test conducted by a qualified engineer or soil specialist to determine the suitability of the soil for septic tank use. In the case of a subdivision containing more than fifty (50) lots, the subdivider shall be required to install a neighborhood collector system and construct a treatment plant according to the requirements and specifications of the State Department of Water Resources, Division of Stream Sanitation and  Hydrology.

       c) Construction Guarantee:
           Where the required improvements have not been completed prior to submission of the plat for final approval, the approval of said plat shall be subject to the subdivider guaranteeing the installation of said improvements by  the following method: Posting of a performance or surety bond in sufficient amount to assure such completion of all required improvements. For any bond, there shall be submitted with the plat a certification of the Town  Attorney as to the sufficiency of the bond offered (usually 125% of the contract amount).

        A. Where topography or other existing physical conditions are such that compliance with the requirements of this ordinance would cause an unusual and unnecessary hardship on the subdivider above and beyond what other subdividers would meet, the Zoning Board may vary the minimum requirements set forth herein, provided that such variations will not have the effect of nullifying the interest and purpose of these regulations. This term "unnecessary hardship" is not meant to be construed as financial hardship. Where variations are accepted, the reasons for such shall be noted in the minutes of the Zoning Board and/or Town Board.
        B. The standards and requirements of this ordinance may be modified by the Planning Board or Board of Commissioner in the case of a plan and program for a group, cluster, or planned development, which, in the judgement of the Board, provides adequate public spaces and improvements for the circulation, recreation, light, air, and service needs of the tract when fully developed and populated, and which also provides such covenants or other legal provisions as will assure conformity to and achievement of the proposed Development Plans.

     A. The Planning Board of the Town of Denton shall have filed a copy of this ordinance with the Register of Deeds of Davidson County. The Register of Deeds shall not thereafter file or record a plat of subdivision located within the jurisdiction of the Town of Denton without approval of the Town Board of Commissioners as required by this ordinance. The landowner, whose name shall be shown on the subdivision plat submitted for recording, or his authorized agent, shall sign a statement on the plat stating whether or not any land shown thereon is within the territorial jurisdiction of the Town of Denton as defined herein. The filing or recording of a plat of subdivision without the approval of the Town Board of Commissioners as required by this ordinance shall be null and void. The Clerk of Superior Court of Davidson County shall not order or direct the recording of a plat where such recording should be in conflict with this section.

    No street shall be accepted and maintained by the town, nor shall any street lighting, water, or sewer be extended to or connected with any subdivision of land, nor shall any permit be issued by any administrative agency or department of the Town of Denton or Davidson County, for the construction of any building or other improvement requiring a permit unless and until the requirements set forth in the ordinance have been complied with and the same approved by the Town Board of Commissioners.

     The following penalties as stated in the General Statutes shall prevail: Penalties for Transferring Lots in Unapproved Subdivisions - "Any person who, being the owner or agent of the owner of any land located within the platting jurisdiction granted to the municipality by 160A-375, thereafter transfers or sells such land by reference to the plat showing a subdivision of such land before plat has been approved by said legislative body and recorded in the office of the appropriate Register of Deeds, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and the description by metes and bounds in the instrument of transfer or other document used in the process of selling or transferring shall not exempt the transaction from such penalties. Said municipality, through its town attorney or other officials designated by its local legislative body, may enjoin such transfer or by action for injunction."

      Should any section or provision of these regulations be for any reason held void or invalid, it shall not affect the validity of any other section or provision hereof which is not itself void or invalid.

       A.         Sketch Design Plan
                   1. Plat Requirements
                           a)      Drawings as necessary
                           b)      Scale - not less than 200 feet to the inch     
                   2. The Sketch Design Will Show
                          a)      Streets (existing and proposed)
                          b)      Other rights-of-way and easements
                          c)      Lot lines (sketch)
                          d)      Site, if any, for parks, schools, churches, and so forth
                          e)      Site data:
                                   i.     Acreage in tract
                                   ii.    Acreage in parks or other land usage
                                   iii,   Average lot size
                                   iv.   Approximate number of lots
                          f)       Sketch vicinity map showing relationship between the subdivision and the surrounding area.

      B.          Preliminary Plat
                   1. Plat Requirements
                       a)         Four drawings (blueline or blackline) and one reproducible tracing.
                       b)         Two signed statements describing the proposed use of land.
                       c)         Scale - not less than 100 feet to the inch.
                       d)         Street profiles when required.
                   2. The Preliminary Plat Will Show
                       a)         The location of existing and platted property lines, streets, existing buildings, water courses, railroads, transmission line, sewers, bridges, culverts and drainpipes, water mains, city and county lines (if adjoining) and any public utility easements.
                       b)         Boundaries of tract shown with approximate bearings and distances.
                       c)         Wooded area, marshes and any other conditions affecting the site.
                       d)         Names of adjoining property owners or subdivisions.
                       e)         Zoning classifications.
                       f)          Proposed streets, street names, rights-of-way, roadway widths, and approximate grades.
                       g)         The plans, insofar as possible, for proposed utility layouts, (sewer, water, gas, telephone, power) showing connections to existing systems or plans for individual water supply, sewerage disposal, storm drainage, and all the rest.
                       h)         Other proposed right-of-way or easements; location widths and purposes.
                       i)          Proposed parks, school sites, or other public open spaces, if any
                       j)          Proposed lot lines, lot and block numbers and approximate dimensions.
                       k)         Title, date, north point and graphic scale.
                       l)          Owner's name, name of surveyor or land planner, and name of subdivision.
                       m)        Planning profiles of street if required.
                       n)         Setbacks.          
                       o)         Site data:
                                   i.    Acreage in total to be developed or subdivided.
                                   ii.   Acreage in park or other land usage.
                                   iii.  Average lot size.
                                   iv.  Total number oflots.
                                   v.   Linear feet in streets.
                   3. Supplementary materials
                      a)         Sketch vicinity map showing relationship between the subdivision and the surrounding area.
                      b)         A draft of a protective covenant, if any, whereby the subdivider proposes to regulate land use in the subdivision and otherwise protect the proposed development.
      C.         Final Plat
                  The final plat shall conform substantially to the preliminary plat as approved by the Board of Commissioners. The final plat shall constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which the subdivider proposes to record and develop at the time provided, however, that portion shall conform to all requirements of this ordinance.
                   1. Plat Requirements
                      a)         Three drawings (blueline or blackline) and one original permanent reproducible tracing, acceptable for recording.
                      b)         Sheets - standard recording size.
                      c)         Scale - no less than 100 feet to the inch.
                  2. The Final Plat Will Show
                      a)        The lines of all streets and roads.
                      b)        Lot lines and lot numbers
                      c)        Set Backs.
                      d)        Reservation, easements, alley and any areas to be dedicated to public use or site for other that residential use with notes stating their purpose and any limitations.
                      e)        Sufficient data to readily determine and reproduce on the ground the location, bearing and length of every street line, lot line, boundary line and block line, whether curved or straight, and including a north point. This should include the radius, center angle and tangent distance for the center of curved streets and curved property lines that are not the boundary of curved streets.
                      f)         All dimensions should be shown to the nearest one-hundredth (1/100) of a foot and angles to the nearest minute.
                      g)        Accurate location and description of all monuments and markers.
                      h)        The names and locations of adjoining subdivisions and streets and the location and ownership of adjoining unsubdivided property.
                      i)         Title, date, name, and location of subdivision, graphic scale, and north point, indicating whether true, magnetic or grid.
                      j)         Name of owner and surveyor or engineer.
                  3. Supplementary Materials 
                     a)         A final draft of protective convenants, if any.
                     b)         Utility plans (existing or proposed).
                                 i.   Water
                                 ii.  Gas
                                 iii. Sanitary sewer
                                 iv. Storm drainage
                                 v. Electricity
                                 vi. Telephone

Certain words used herein must be clearly understood.

      A. Building Setback Line
          A line parallel to the front property lines in front of which no structure may be placed.
      B. Corner Lot
          A lot abutting two or more streets at the street intersections.
      C. Double Frontage Lot
          A continuous (through) lot of the same depth as the width of a block and which is accessible from both of the streets upon which it fronts.
      D. Easements
          A grant by the property owner for the use, by the public, a corporation or person(s) of a strip of land for specific purposes.
      E. Group Development
          A development comprising two or more buildings such as a group of apartments, where the land is not subdivided into the customary streets and lots.
      F. Lot 
          A portion of subdivision or any other parcel of land intended as a unit for transfer of ownership or development, or both. The word "lot" includes the words "plot" and "parcel."
      G. Official Map or Plans
          Any map or plans officially adopted by the Zoning Board or Board of Commissioners as a guide for the development of Denton and its surrounding area, consisting of maps, charts and tests.
      H. Permanent Markers
          Concrete monuments not less than four (4) inches in diameter or square and three (3) feet long.
      I.  Shall
      J. Street
          A dedicated and accepted public right-of-way for vehicular traffic.
              a) Alley: A passageway which has a right-of-way width of 22 feet or less and serves as a secondary means of access for vehicular service at the rear or side property fronting on a street.
              b) Collector: A street which carries traffic from a minor street to a system of major streets.
              c) Cul-de-sac: A street intersecting another at one end and terminated by a vehicular turnaround at the other.
              d) Local or Minor Street: A street, the principal purpose of which is to provide vehicular access to residential properties.
              e) Major Streets and Highway: Streets used primarily for through and high volume traffic.
              f) Marginal Access Street: A street physically separated from, parallel and adjacent to abutting properties.
              g) Subdivider or Developer: Any person, firm or corporation subdividing land as herein defined.
              h) Territorial Jurisdiction: Land located within the corporate limits of Denton, North Carolina.
              i) Extra Territorial Jurisdiction: Land located within the territory beyond such corporate limits as shown on the Zoning map and/or described in the extraterritorial zoning resolution. The extraterritorial boundary will follow physical features when possible, but at no point will the outside boundary extend more than one (1) mile from the corporate limits in any direction.


      A. Preliminary Plat Certification: The following certification shall be lettered or rubber stamped on the preliminary plat:

          1. Planning Board Approval:
              I hearby certify that the Planning Board fully approved the preliminary plat of the subdivision entitled
              On the _________ day________ of _____________,19 _________
              Chainrian, Zoning Board Denton, North Carolina

          2. Approval by the Board of Commissioners:
              I hereby certify that the Board of Commissioners fully approved the preliminary plat of the subdivision
             On the_________ day_________ of _____________,19
             Town Clerk

      B. Final Plat Certification: The following certificates shall be lettered or rubber-stamped on the final plat:
          1. Certificate of Ownership and Dedication:
              I (We) hereby certify that I am (we are) the owner(s) of the property shown and described hereon and that I (we) hereby adopt this plat of subdivision with my (our) free consent, establish the minimum building lines, and dedicate all streets,alleys, walks, parks and other open spaces to public or private use as noted.
                ________________________________________   _______________________________
                Owner                                                                Owner
         2. Certification of Accuracy:
             I hereby certify that the plat shown and described hereon is a true and correct survey to the accuracy required by the Board of Commissioners of Denton and that the monuments have been placed as shown hereon, in accordance with the requirements of the Denton Subdivision Regulation.
             ______________________ 19 ____

         3. Certification of the Approval of Water and Sewerage Systems:
             I hereby certify that the water supply and sewer disposal utility system installed, or proposed for installation in the subdivision entitled ____________________________________
             fully meets the requirements of the North Carolina State Health Department, and are hereby approved.
             __________________________________________ 19__________ 

County Health Officer
Or Authorized Representative

         4. Certification of the Approval of Streets and Utilities:
            I hereby certify: (1) that streets, utilities and other improvements have been installed in an acceptable manner and according to County specifications in the subdivision entitled________________________________
            Or (2) that a security bond in the amount of $______________________________ 
            Has been posted with the country to assure completion of all required improvements in case of default.
            ________________________                        _______________________________________________
                        Date                                                 Chairman, Denton Planning Board


         5. Certification of Approval for Recording:
            I hereby certify that the subdivision plat shown hereon has been found to comply with the Subdivision Regulations for Denton, North Carolina, with the exception of such variances, if any, as are noted in the minutes of the Planning Board, and, that this subdivision has been approved for recording in the office of the County Register of Deeds.
             Chairman, Denton Planning Board 

        6. Certification of Approval and Acceptance of Dedication:
            I,________________________________Town Clerk of Denton, North Carolina, do certify that the Board of Commissioners of Denton has approved this plat or map and accepted the dedication of the streets, basements, rights-of-way and public parks when hereon, but assumes no responsibility to open or maintain the same until, in the opinion of the Board of Commissioners, it is in the public interest to do so.
            ________________________                   _________________________________________________
                     Date                                                 Town Clerk


⦁ Do study a topographic survey of a site carefullybefore purchasing.

⦁ Don't try to operate without a master plan for the whole tract, even though only a small portion is platted now.

⦁ Do check the zoning of land adjacent to the site, and don't ignore any adverse  environmental factors.

⦁ Don't carry too much acreage at one time; the-burden of taxes and carrying charges may be too great. Long time options on adjoining parcels is the answer,

⦁ Do take the master plan to all town departments parks, schools, streets, sewers - and to the public utilities.

⦁ Don't install street improvements and utilities on too much land in advance of sale - it creates shopworn areas and takes the zip out of new openings.

⦁ Don't build on the best sites first - start with the poorest lots and try to make them the best.

⦁ Do observe and consider natural amenities such as trees and waterways. Choose the best tree and hang on to them,

⦁ Don't buy in an area unsuited to the type of subdivision planned. Keep out of a high cost environment with low cost development and vice versa.

⦁ Don't intermingle rental housing with single-family detached houses for sale.

⦁ Don't try to adapt broken topography and wooded areas to low cost housing. Lot costs will be too high.

⦁ Do consider the greatly increased runoff surface water of the subdivision as it grows to completion. This may cause trouble with owners of adjacent land.

⦁ Don't forget that land held for future development will bring increased taxes due to increased valuation stimulated by successful developments. "'Recommendations of the Land Planning, Committee of the National Association of Home Builders.

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